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What do we manufacture?

Railings for balconies and staircases

Various shapes, custom made from different types of inox

Railings for all types of boats

Custom made, manufacturing and installation for all types of boats


Oval, square bollards, custom made for each customer


Inox handrails for hallways, outside staircase or boats of various sizes and shapes

Inox L profiles

Production of L profiles of different sizes and thickness per customer’s order


Inox reservoirs for oil, patrol or water, with custom made volume, thickness and shape


Custom made inox brackets for solar heating and/or power supply


Various canopies made of inox, with each shape and size custom made


Masts for boats and for the ground flag setup, made in different sizes and thickness per customer’s wishes


Production of various inox products tailored to customer’s request, such as fireplaces, accessories, etc.

Additional services

Pipe and tube bending

Pipe processing is a metal processing procedure without removing particles from the material

Sheet metal bending

Sheet metal bending is a metal processing procedure without removing particles from the material

Sheet metal cutting

Sheet metal cutting and processing is a process of shortening sheet per customer’s needs


Turning is a metal treatment process that removes particles that produce cylindrical products

Aluminum welding

Welding joints two or more materials by melting or pressing the aluminum

Polishing and similar

Polishing is a process of machine removal of particles that is used to improve the appearance of a product

How do we maintain inox products?

Products made of inox are now more and more present on the market because of their quality and simple processing requirements, which has showed purchase feasibility in a very short period of time. Regardless of the sustainability of the material, a certain level of cleaning and maintenance is recommended so that all properties of the materials would maintain in great shape. Immediately after installation of inox product it should be cleaned of all impurities and covered with a think protective film to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease. It is strictly forbidden to use cleaners containing hydrochloric acid, bleaching agents and abrasives, but also scraping metal objects, stell wool, etc.

For proper maintenance and cleaning only paste or cream intended for stainless steel materials will suffice. When regularly cleaning inox products you maintain their attractive appearance. How often do you clean depends on where the inox product is located and how much it is exposed to dirt. So, care and proper maintenance of inox materials, whether they are inside or outside enables them to be more resistant and shiny.

What types of inox exist?

Inox and procrom are synonyms for stainless steel. Inox is water, steam humidity and heat resistant, and it is easy to maintain and clean. The most common types that we use in the inox production are:

Inox A4 or marine inox

Inox products

Inox A4

Marine inox is used in production of all equipment for boats (fences, masts, stairs). It is excellent in preventing corrosion, and is resistant to the negative impact of sea salt. Marine inox is a more expensive choice, but it is best to equip your boat. Although initially it is more expensive, it is certainly more cost-effective for the purpose of the longevity of the material.

Inox A2 or continental inox

Inox products

Inox A2

Continental inox is much more accessible regarding price than the marine inox. This type of inox is used in production of fences for interiors and exteriors. Continental inox has a high resistance to corrosion, and is easy to maintain within a household. High gloss, elegant and modern look of your fences awnings, handrails or accessories are guaranteed!

Other types

Inox products

Other types

If you want a specific type of inox material, we are able to order from the most price-affordable ones to the most expensive kind. Your wish is our command and at the maximum for adapting to your preferences and possibilities. We guarantee the best price-quality ratio!