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Inox Vukusic

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Inox Vukusic

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Inox Vukusic

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Why choose stainless steel?

Inox is mostly used in positions that require both strength and elasticity due to its specificity and structure, as they are not susceptible to oxidation and corrosion. Because of these reason, inox has the highest usage in the marine sector, shipbuilding and construction, and also increasingly in household use.

Inox or stainless steel is a chemical element, which because of its composition has a higher resistance to corrosion. It should be noted that inox has poor corrosion resistance in environments with low oxygen circulation.

However, despite some possible disadvantages of the materials, there are a lot more reasons to choose inox as it has high quality and reliability, price-quality ration is very attractive, and you will never have to paint your fence again.

What do we make?

The production process from the idea itself all the way to the realization is completely modernized. We respect high quality standards and use the most modern equipment from reputable manufacturers, thus providing you with a performance that will with its design and quality serve its purpose while resisting all weather conditions for many years to come.

The production is primarily carried out according to client’s wishes, sketches, project and its own measurement.


We have collaborated with the largest ships manufacturers not only on the island of Rab but the entire Kvarner region for many years. Longstanding confidence was created because of the quality of products and services not only by the boats manufacturers, but also the customers who have recognize and appreciate our work.

Steel Vukusic

We manufacture and install fences for all types of boats, according to our client’s wishes. All other parts, such as stairs, mounts, masts, etc., are also custom manufactured according to our client’s needs. Inox that is used in the production of nautical parts is much more resistant to salt and other weather conditions typical for seaside regions than other types of stainless steel.

Interior and exterior

Vukušić Inox Trade aside from ship equipment also specializes in decorating your homes and yards. Modern and quality fences made from stainless steel materials guarantee you long durability and high gloss. We also produce handrails, canopies and various carriers as well as stainless steel accessories.

Steel Vukusic

Each product is custom made per our client’s wishes. We make almost anything you can imagine, we are able to adapt to your capabilities, all for the purpose of mutual satisfaction. Contact us with confidence!

Additional services

In order to make sure that our customers finds everything they need in one place, we perform additional services in our business domain. Some of these services include: tube bending, sheet metal cutting, and aluminum welding, turning and polishing.

Steel Vukusic

Contact us with confidence, because our long experience and continuous improvement brings our business on a level where the quality of our products is the most important. Happy and loyal customers are the guarantee of our good business!

Banjol 298, 51280 Rab